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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ralph Eggleston

In the continuing Spline Casts, our next interview will be with none other than the Academy Award Winning Director of For the Birds and Art Director of Finding Nemo, Ralph Eggleston. Feel free to send your questions into Spline Doctor....ahem, I mean Spline Doctors... I forgot that there are other Doctors in the house, they just never post. Come on guys... Anyway, look for it in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for all the great feedback from the last interview.



Blogger Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Where do you get your first ideas about how you want a film to generally feel and look? What kind of image(s) do you want to leave the audience with?

Awesome! Hope there are many more to come!

12:12 AM

Blogger burgerlog said...

ralph is great!

1:11 AM

Blogger Sean MacNeil said...

Thanks for doing this podcast guys.

This question is related to animated short films in particular...what do you think are some of the common elements found in really good short films?


1:31 AM

Blogger dickie McGee said...

I am interested to hear what the process is like to get a short film made at a big studio. How did you go about making a pitch? What was the pitch process like? How involved are exec's and other directors during the pre-production and production? What's good and bad about it?

Thanks, the splinecasts are great!

6:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your next podcast. These are amazing. Here are a couple of question for Ralph:
What about yourself makes you an exceptional art director? (characteristics, abilities, hobbies) Why Art director instead of character designer, animation supervisor,etc...? How and when did you get into that role?

6:56 AM

Blogger Bobby Pontillas said...

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11:28 AM

Blogger Bobby Pontillas said...

Hi Andrew,

I'd like to know some of the advatages and disadvantages he faced art directing a 2D animation project as opposed to a 3D one.


12:50 PM

Blogger Joe Henderson said...

Thanks for these spline casts!!! the last ones with Andrew were amazing...
My Question would be
How do you break into a job like viual development or art direction????

1:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Characters.... I would like to know how you think when designing characters, your reference, and your inspiration!!
and well... this question comes because of the image pixar has made with its movies, you know which are Pixar movies, it is Pixar style!! How characters fit in their worlds, and from what I have read in Cars, everything has to do with automobiles (mountains, trees, textures, etc).
How you define a style guide, catoon....more realistic...less realistic. (as it is done with animation)? Why this style and not that other one? How the story defines the style?

Thanks for taking the time to make these great splinecasts! Dr.
Cant wait!

1:12 PM

Blogger Zev said...

I'd like you to ask Ralph Eggleston about the darkest hours he's encountered in creating these films and how he got through them.



1:56 PM

Blogger hakken_krak said...

My question: I wonder what the transition was like going from traditional hand-drawn films like Fern Gully, to Pixar's computer animation. Is there anything you miss about hand-drawn that you wish could be translated to computer animation?

That darkest hours question is a good one!

This is a great site and I love the splinecasts!


6:22 PM

Blogger Jeremy Spears said...

Another Short film question...I really think you should ask him about short films.

What things most impress you when watching a short animated film, what key things do you look for?

-Jeremy Spears

8:47 AM

Blogger Jared Shear said...

Working for Pixar where "story is king," are all of your art directions decisions motivated by what works best for the story or that particular scene, and are there ever times when what works best for the story conflicts with what is works best visually?

These podcasts are FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC!!


10:26 AM

Blogger Matt Phelan said...

Hi, guys. Thanks for doing this blog and these great podcasts! Two questions for Ralph:

How are Pixar conceptual artists, character designers, and outside artists (like Peter de Seve) assigned to projects...does each film have a team, or do people contribute to different projects at the same time?

I love your pastel lighting studies. What is the reason for the small dimensions (20" x 3" for instance)? Is that to get them down quickly like a thumbnail, or do you just like to draw tiny?

Thanks again!

11:20 AM

Blogger Olivier said...

Hi Andrew
Thank you so much for doing this website and podcasts ! :)

Here are some questions, related to the short film deadlines :
How much time did you have to create ForTheBirds ? (I mean when all the crew started working on it, to final).
What kind of animation quotas do the animators have on a Pixar's short compared to feature films ? Much more or not ?
Thanks in advance

12:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that For the Birds is a rip-off from a student's work at Calarts. That guy even sent his animation to Pixar but got no response. Is that true?

9:12 PM


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