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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Spline Doctors up on Itunes!

We are now up on Itunes! Be sure to subscribe and post some reviews of the show.

Thanks to Mike Stern for helping me out with all that XML and RSS stuff. Now I can return my podcasting for Dummies book.

itunes link


Blogger Harry "Hare" Sanchez said...

OH! Awesome! I love the SplineCats and I can't wait to hear more of them. Great job with everything!!

11:12 AM

Blogger Drew said...

great, now it updates automatically. can't tell you how cool this is.


11:52 AM

Blogger Rico said...

SplineCasts + Itunes = Double delicious! Thanks and keep'em coming!

2:43 PM

Blogger Mike said...

No sweat, for others trying to get a podcast going it is actually surprisingly easy.

Create your podcast like so

Grab this tool (sorry,mac only)

It will create the XML and link all of your files for ya.

Throw the XML in a folder on your site and send the link to itunes here.

There ya go.. You now have a podcast.

6:10 PM

Blogger SMacLeod said...

Awesome! Thanks for working that out, I couldn't figure out how to listen to it. I had friends that were going to copy them for me, but you guys are the BEST!!! I LOVE PIXAR, and you know why? BECAUSE YOU GIVE ! ! ! ! ! !

12:07 AM

Blogger Rok Andic said...

Great news guys! Been waiting for this one!

Keep it up :)

1:06 AM


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