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Monday, February 06, 2006

Great Site for Reference...

Every now and again you find a site that just has alot of Gold. An animators job is to figure out how things move or behave and make them come alive. This site has ALOT of great footage. I love the web.

As soon as we are able to capture Hi Def footage, this will be an even better way to reference live action. With Hi-Def, you see everything! I was watching Discover HD, an awesome channel for animators. They had a great show called equator. Some of the footage of monkeys they showed was unlike anything I had ever seen. The details of the motion were so subtle. It excites me to see this stuff because I know I want to get that into my work. Which leads me to another question... As Hi-Def becomes the standard, does that mean that the animation we do will have to be more detailed? If you are working on Games, do you now have to put in more detail? I know this is true with textures and so forth, so why not animation? Anyway, its something to think about. In the end, it always has to feel right or just be a good performance, Hi or Lo Definition.

Please post any good reference sites you know of...



Blogger Hans Brekke said...

another great site for animal reference is


9:26 PM

Blogger Rico said...

Here is another great site.

Great place for references, check it out.

11:00 PM

Blogger Alaa Taleb said...

Hi all,
another site for reference

11:57 PM

Blogger Harry "Hare" Sanchez said...

Oh whao, keep sharing!!! These are great places. Awesome!

This site is cool:

This link is kinda long so I had to paste it in parts. You'll have to copy/paste..copy/paste 'till you get all of it:

1:46 AM

Blogger luetin said...

Hi everyone,
here is an amazing site for video references :

Just try to type "cat" in the search field and you'll see how powerfull this site can be !!!

6:42 AM

Blogger erica said...

I know that our game studio has definitely been trying to push our animation farther as the polygon resolution gets higher, worlds become more believable, and the next generation game consoles become more powerful. Gamers these days are looking for a more immersive experience, with realistic environments to get lost in, and it will only detract from the experience to have crummy animation.

A consequence of this realization is that some game studios have turned to motion capture techniques, both to try to emulate that realism in human movement as well as try to alleviate the burden of creating thousands of animation assets for increasingly complex interactive systems.

But there will always be monsters and imaginary animals in games, so there must still be a use for animators somewhere!

Awesome links, by the way!

9:33 AM

Blogger cgAnimator said...

here's a couple more:

all the sites listed in this thread rocks!

11:22 AM

Blogger martin wittig said...

What a great site! This one's on my favorites list!

1:12 PM

Blogger Rico said...

Oh.. here is another interesting site that could be good for a walk reference. You control the walk cycle.


10:59 PM

Blogger Mark DeRidder said...

Wow, great reference! Thanks for the tip. I can't believe how much there is to dig through!


7:22 AM

Blogger dangnerbit said...

heya dawgawnit!

Im currently working on some HD games stuff right now, and I can say out of first hand experiance the junk-o that we have gotten away with in the past in games is just going to not cut it come the next generation.. alot of times we would have to really over exagurate the polish.. shaking in the shoulders in maya looked bizzar, but in the game looked about right..

after implementing those same animations into our HD units the shake is right there.. bizzar as it was in maya! this got me thinking that the detail that wasnt showing up in the past is going to bite us in the butt come winter.. and sure enough it has.. now all thats next, is bigger budgets to allow for finer tuned animations in the games and we'll be set! 4 animators just dosnt cut it =(

my 2 cents on the HD in games andrew brought up =)

7:26 PM

Blogger Ali said...

reference sites I frequent:

8:57 PM

Anonymous Dave said...

human skeleton rag doll, with working joints, not that great but somthing.

10:00 PM

Blogger deterBrown said...

This brings up a good is a "higher def" than HD, so what resolution do you all (feature animation) render at? Aren't you technically animating at HD++? How do you balance animating on a smaller monitor with what details show up on the big screen?

8:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...



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7:23 PM

Anonymous sex shop said...

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