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Friday, February 10, 2006

Stay Tuned for an Upcoming Spline Cast

Next week sometime, I'll be putting together another Spline Cast. An Interview with a director. I wont say who, just to keep things interesting. So, if you want to post a few questions, maybe I can ask a few of them.



Blogger Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Mmmh.. without knowing who it is, it's a bit more difficult to ask questions. Perhaps this one: "How much do you like to rely on the animators' skill for animated performances?" Or perhaps "How much do you like to involve animators in the creation of certain characters and their behaviour and characteristics?" (First question was more about production, while the second is more about pre-production)

12:40 PM

Blogger Alaa Taleb said... questions till now:
What is your advice to animator before working on their shots I mean is there any meeting with animators before they start animate?
What do you think is the most important thing in the Shot "from animation wise"?
and also can you tell us the approval process :p?


3:55 PM

Blogger Ali said...

Hi Andrew ,

I would like to ask: How to become a Animation director? Do making short films help get you recognized by a studio or do you start from the story department and move up the ladder? I am very curious about the process in how one comes to sit in the directors chair.

Thanks man.

6:59 PM

Blogger Christian Lau said...

What a great time for animators and animation buffs. Thank you for another podcast. My question: Brad Bird has repeatedly expressed his anger about animation being mislabeled as a genre, when in fact it is a medium. Are you, personally interested in changing that perception? Would you, as a director, strive to do an animated film in a genre that has never been (successfully) done in animation?

6:12 AM

Blogger bill(y) said...

since i really, really hope the director IS brad bird(my personal favorite director of all time), i'll ask a specific question:

do you see yourself as an animator who directs, or a director who animates?

11:04 AM

Blogger erica said...

I'm hoping for Andrew Stanton or Pete Docter! I guess my question would be, what percentage of your time is spent doing each thing (developing story, working with voice talent, supervising character design, critiquing animation, doing some animation yourself??)

Or perhaps more generally... what does a director do on an animated film?

7:03 PM

Blogger Christian Lau said...

To venture a guess: May be it's a new (feature) director and an old Colcestrian - Mr Jan Pinkava. Do I win a price (like a version of the podcast that is one minute longer) ;)?

6:44 AM

Blogger IanW said...

Kinda with the rest of the folk that without knowing who its a bit tougher to ask specific questions but....

When looking at any given sequence, how do you keep a fresh perspective on everything to see if it works or not if you've seen the same shot(s) countless times before?

6:49 AM

Blogger Drew said...

here's one that i've been trying to get as many people to answer as are willing.

Are there any trends in animation that you see too much of? When working on a film, are there acting choices that you find yourself steering people away from regularly?

it's really great that you guys have access to such great talent. any director would be great to hear from.

thanks guys, this is great.


7:30 AM

Blogger Ryan Hagen said...

How do you seperate yourself from a shot, and allow the animator some creative freedom without losing the direction of the shot? Look forward to hearing the cast. Keep it up guys.

6:27 PM

Blogger sketchboy said...

Are there ever times when a scene is changed from it's story boarded roots during the animation phase? how flexible is the story process? is the animator simply following the blueprint and just working on the acting?

10:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It it Captain James Tiberius Kirk from the Starship Enterprise?

7:24 PM

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