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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Gear Change

Well, Its getting to the end of the semester and our students are doing really great work. One of our assignments is a gear change. A Gear Change is having a character change from one emotion to another. We ask our students to use the Norman model which was created by Morgan Loomis and Leif Jeffers for our classes. We want the students to really explore the character they are creating. The who, what and where are just as important to us as the assignment. By really getting into the character, the students can create a character with depth as opposed to using the generic model. It also lets them practice design. Here are a few examples of the gear change exercise. I'm going to start posting more student work in the next few weeks so stay tuned for some really great stuff. Our 3rd level class is doing a great series of shots that Dr Clark will get up when its finished.

Han Cho - Car Wash
Veerapartra Tun - Cheating
KC Roeyer - Electrical Worker


Blogger Piotr said...

Wow impressive work by all the students, they must have great teachers!

11:49 AM

Anonymous WesVasher said...

Yes, these are excellent. The electical worker is my favorite. Great idea.

12:27 PM

Anonymous Rikard said...

The movies don't seem to work in QT for Windows. I get an error message with something about the compression method.

3:23 PM

Blogger Alex Orrelle said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:09 AM

Blogger Alex Orrelle said...

Right on Dr G.
Can you post some work in progress of one of these clips, and tell us what your notes were? That would be valuable.

6:12 AM

Blogger Korvar The Fox said...

Love the "Cheating" and electircal worker one :) Nice work.

9:11 AM

Blogger phillyjay said...

How do you guys build these models?I always wonder

11:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work you guys! I'm always amazed of the variations you come up with for Norman.

Keep it up!


12:02 PM

Blogger Adam Strick said...

I love seeing stuff that answers so many questions, just as you said, the who, what, why, where, and when. Always inspiring to see other people's work!

4:11 PM

Blogger Josh Bowman said...

The electrical worker was my favourite too. It's animated and told very well.

8:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really want to take pixar class from U guys even though I'm in character animation program at Calarts. We just started 3d class and it's not good as pixar class. Animation is animation but I want to learn more not just watching a dvd comentrary during the class. Anyway, I learned a lot from this site and I hope you can keep posting valuable informations.

11:16 PM

Blogger anthea said...

hey there, I am not able to view these movies from my work, at Disney we are on linux. Any way to see the movies using a compatible qt like sorenson?

4:16 PM

Blogger OV! said...

nice stuff, really funny.


4:26 PM

Blogger Dr. Gordon said...

Alex: I'll try to get some notes up for these exercizes.

I'm suprized that at Calarts you guys have teacher who just come in and play the commentary from DVD's. Wel will try to post more useful information for you guys.

Regarding the format of the quicktimes, I will work on making something that works will all the platforms. I was using h264, which was not playing. Expect updates.

I'm going to start work on another Splinecast. All I can say is that it will be someone from the Story Department.


8:43 PM

Anonymous shannon caldwell said...

You guys are the greatest, please keep this stuff coming. I check this blog twice daily in the hope of more goodies!

2:19 AM

Anonymous wesvasher said...

VLC is a free media play for Mac/Win/Linux and it works great with H264 and just about every other format out there.

10:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What class year of work are these? Seniors?

12:41 PM

Blogger Dr. Gordon said...

The Work you are seeing is done in our Pixar Level 2 class. We will posting the 3rd classes work which is really great.


3:54 PM

Blogger Sean MacNeil said...

This is terrific work! Way to go animation students, keep it up!!

: )

12:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding like a complete moron, where are these classes held? Are they pixar interns or something?

6:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

These classes are held at the Academy of Art Univeristiy. As a student, you submit a reel and are selected based on your reel. Over a hundred stundents submit tapes and only twelve students are selected per class. As you can imagine... it's tough. There are three levels of clsses, Pixar 1, 2 and 3 and all classes are taught by Pixar animators.

12:38 PM

Anonymous michael morgan said...

Great work everyone. I have to say the Electric worker is a nice piece indeed!
Always inspiring to see works from the students here!

5:28 AM


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