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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ralph Eggleston Interview

This is a great interview with Ralph Eggleston. I did not split it up into separate pieces for time. I just didnt have the time to do it so its around 45 minutes. The Audio is a bit better than the last interview, but I am still trying to hit the quality that the animation Podcast has.

The file can be had at Itunes (do a search for SplineCast)

or download it here:


Enjoy the interview and post any feedback.



Blogger Sean said...

Great Interview! Ralph was a little hard to hear in some parts, but overall is was nice. It was awesome hearing about Dan Holland since he was in my class at calarts. Thanks again!

4:56 PM

Anonymous Dhaynes said...

That was a great interview. The audio for me was a bit screwy, really really quiet so I had to turn my system volume waaaay up... but mostly it was audible and the information was great. I actually preferred it in one piece as opposed to cut up - I think Clay at Animation Podcast cuts his interviews up just to tease his listeners. But again, thank you so much for going through the effort of actually conducting these interviews!

5:27 PM

Anonymous David Bernal R said...

Pure gold, thanks

The best part...mmm..all was good, but specially liked when he said that he liked the tought process of artpieces. This is great to hear, good tutorials are those in which the artist explains the way he thinks, rather than a step by step turorial, you learn more because you build a logical chain on how to make an art piece/ solve a problem(s) , rather than a step to solve an specific issue.
Also great advices for short films!
Thanks once again Mr. Ralph and Dr. Andrew.

8:10 PM

Blogger BrianB said...

yeah, it was pretty hard to hear a couple times but it's an amazing interview. thank you!

1:18 AM

Blogger Jeremy said...

Great stuff guys! The tid bits on student films was pure gold. Really interesting to hear the main challenge of a successful student film is finding a way to tell a complete, interesting story but in a simple way. Art direction is definately an area that's lacking in student films. Again, excellent work guys and thanks so much for setting up these great interviews!

9:15 AM

Blogger Sean MacNeil said...

Totally lovin' the gold! This splinecast, as usual, is full of great tips.

It's interesting that he said one of the best things students can do is make a short film. i also like how he alludes to the importance of finding ideas the audience can latch on to and gravitate to. That really helps to answer the difficult question of, "HOW do you get the audience to empathize with your character?"

Gold! Awesome interview Andrew, and thanks again for doing these podcasts and for sharing them.

4:47 PM

Blogger shopkeeper said...

From the feedback it sounds like a great interview but I just couldnt hear what was being said through my tinny laptop speakers. Even when swithcing to headphone it was like trying to eavesdrop on someones conversation through a brick wall.

If you could please fixs the audio it would be great! Thanks and please keep postings. Its an amazing insight into animation!

5:40 AM

Blogger guilhermejacinto said...


2:10 PM

Blogger J said...

Another amaaazing interview. Great stuff fellas.

2:45 PM

Blogger IanW said...

Fan-freaking-Tastic Interview! Although the audio was kinda hard to hear at parts and I ended up making myself deaf switching back to my iTunes upon starting my tunes again....

Keep up the great work guys, defining inspiring to us starting animator types.

2:52 PM

Blogger Stu said...

Guys, you gotta get the audio quality under control! Listening to this interview was like watching FINDING NEMO on a plane -- from another plane. All the more frustrating because Ralph seemed to be kicking down some serious science.

9:53 PM

Blogger Dr. Gordon said...


I cant seem to get the audio right. I guess the next interview will have to use real microphones. Sorry about that.


10:38 PM

Blogger Stu said...

I for one will be grateful if you do -- the material is too good to sound that bad!

Thanks for all the hard work!

11:30 PM

Anonymous Totoro said...

Dr Gordon,

Good stuff. Very inspiring. Some one needs interview you and the other Spline doctors. You guys do great work and it would be nice to hear about your background and so forth. Keep it up.

4:37 PM

Anonymous Manfred (AM Class1) said...

This is just great!!!


1:42 AM

Blogger Emma said...

Awesome interview, thank you!

Any chance that you guys could interview a story guy? I'd really like to hear about that range...

10:57 AM

Blogger Olivier Ladeuix said...

Dear Doctor,
Thanks for sharing such a great content. Regarding the Interviews, would it also be possible to get them in mp3 format as well? I use a normal mp3 player (Palm Pilot actually) and unfortunately m4a files are only compatible with Apple devices.

Thanks again.

6:54 AM

Blogger Tony Papesh said...

I have to say that I just now was able to get the file to work on my ipod (error on my part) and I was hooked to it. I was got to listen to it in parts on the muni, during animation class labtime and at life drawing. I am happy to say that I learned something and that it was very intresting.

Besides animation/directing, I have always been intrested in lighting. Do you know anyone in the lighting department that would be willing to talk about what they do?

Thanks again for sharing!

9:23 PM

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Blogger Erlend Sakshaug said...

Hey guys. I hope you don't find it offensive of me to post a link to Yet Another Ralph Eggleston-interview(TM, that I recorded last week. Part one is out now, and you can find it at

7:44 AM


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