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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Animation in Spain

Animation Education is alive and well in Madrid, Spain. ARS animacion hosted a master class series in which I was lucky enough to be one of three industry professionals teaching through the week. Lawrence Marvit and Belli Ramirez were among the others teaching Production and Design. I taught over three days an animation curriculum that included things like: Principles, Weight and Physicality, Layout and Design, Acting, Gesture, Facial Animation, Polish etc. It was probably one of the most difficult teaching gigs I have done because it was 8 hours a day of continuous lecture. But it was worth it! I had tons of examples and some great interviews with artist from Pixar to share with the class. The students really were very energetic. Alex, my English to Spanish translator works in the animation industry. He was able to take what I was saying and make perfect Spanish out of it. The school is a real gem in Madrid. They have traditional, Stop Motion and Computer animation going on. The teachers they have really care about animation. As for Spain, what a great place! All I can say is that they really know how to squeeze every drop out of life. People party all night, take 2 hour lunches and generally work to live... I was able to meet up with Sergio Pablos. He is doing great stuff with his studio. Lets hope the animation community only gets bigger in Spain. It seems to be as ripe as a Spanish Olive. Thanks to all the students and faculty of ARS, especially Oscar for making this happen.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man!!

Thanks for this amazing masterclass... I really had a lot of fun!!

All the Best

Jordi Girones

8:36 AM

Blogger marcosGp said...

Hey Andrew

Thanks a lot for your time , for all the stuff you share with us , for the good humour..for the advices...

You're such a great teacher... :)

Best wishes

Marcos Gp

10:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Andrés..

Thank you for the donuts!!


7:12 AM

Blogger BrianB said...

Hey Splinedoctors, I have a question/request. I didn't see anywhere on the Pixar site to get in contact with anyone and this is the best shot really. But anyway..

Is there any way to get a hold of John Lasseter's old student films that won 2 student academy awards? I'm doing some student animation films right now, and have worn out Pixar's filmography in research. I'd love to get my hands on Lady and the Lamp & Nitemare though. There's gotta be a way to purchase or view them right?? Any help would be much appreciated.

5:45 PM

Anonymous Meagan said...

I think everyone must read this.

1:11 PM


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