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Friday, April 18, 2008

New Blood Coming Soon

Yes its been a while since I have posted anything. I am sorry to say that Adam Burke, will be taking a break from Spline Doctors. The good News is that we possibly will be getting 3 really great new Spline Doctors. They are:

Mark Walsh - Mark has been working at Pixar a little longer than me (almost 11 years) He was directing animator on Finding Nemo and Supervising Animator on Ratatouille. He also just finished up some amazing animation on Doug Sweetlands new Short film. He is currently teaching animation at the Academy of Art

Travis Hathaway - Travis came on around the time finding Nemo and has become one of Pixars best animators. He did some of the best stuff on Ratatouille and is a great teacher. He and I ran the Pixar intern program last year. I am really happy that he wants to post on Spline Doctors.

Michal Makarewicz - Michal started on Incredibles. He then did some really great work on Cars and most recently Ratatouille and Wall E. He won an Annie award for his work on Ratatouille. He was one of my best students at the academy of art in San Francisco. I am looking forward to reading some of his posts.

Some other stuff thats going on

New Site Coming soon. We have a redesigned web site that is being done by Ben Lew. Its looking good. We may even get sponsored by someone. Anyway, hopefully it will be easier to find old posts and have a better overall look. Suggestions will be welcome. We will go live within a month.

Spline Casts:

I am going to get the ball rolling again with a fresh batch. Hopefully the next big one will be with Doug Sweetland.

Over and Out....