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Friday, May 02, 2008


We have a new format for our website.

Please update your links. Thanks for the support and stay tuned for more Spline Casts and info.



Blogger Unknown said...


Actually I was able to see 'new look' a bit before this blog was posted !

Its looking very nice !

I hope the tuts and spline casts would be even better :)

Thanks for all the work that you do doctors. Its really really useful.


8:40 AM

Blogger Victor Luo said...

Haha,I like the new blue! Nice curves! :)

I've sent a new post on my blog to introduce the new updated just 2 days before your post.

Thank you Andrew! Hope to see you in Beijing!

Best Regards


12:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks great. I especially liked how easy it was to navigate and browse through previous splinecasts.

Good work.


10:52 AM

Blogger Shawn Escott said...

Hey guys, I'm new to the spline doctors podcast and website and I love it! Thanks for taking the time and energy to do them and keep the interviews coming!!!

8:50 AM

Blogger Jonathan said...

Why does your site look so Turkish now? Not that that's not a bad thing.

2:03 PM

Blogger jadufy007 said...

uhhh...a Turkish human rights site? Me *thinks* a link is broken....

7:17 PM

Blogger Nate Lane said...

Well I guess Converting the sole purpose of Spline Doctors from aninimation Tips and Tricks into a Turkish Human Rights site is cool... Still think that animation interviews had a better pull of the crowd, but you know... your call.

8:15 PM

Blogger Justin Falgout said...

Hacked maybe? I hope the real site gets back up soon.

10:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love your blog....keep up good works. nice to visit your blog...:D

11:03 AM

Blogger notanymike said...

Why do animators have so much of a hard time with HTML or other web scripting languages in general? So few of my teachers actually have one...

3:41 PM

Blogger Daniel Huertas said...

Hacked again! :'( what is it with this people??

10:22 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Unknown said...

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10:32 PM

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Blogger Nicolette said...

hey spline doctors. I've listened to all your podcasts so far and am very keen to hear more. It's just as awesome as Clay's Animation Podcast. Keep up the great work, and hope you find time to make more :)

3:50 PM

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