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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Spline Casts Coming Soon!!!!

Yes, its summer, and that means things are a bit slow. What a perfect time to grab some artists and do some Spline Casts. Here are some of the Splinecasts you can expect in the Future:

Story Roundtables

Animation Roundtables

Doug Sweetland

Pete Doctor

etc etc... Be patient, they are coming.

Here is a preview of a Story Roundtable interview with Incredibles and Ratatouille head of story, Mark Andrews and Veteran Story Artist/Supervisor Ted Mathot. Look for the entire interview in the next week or so.

Remember, safari has problems with mp4 files... Also, if you like the interview feel free to use the tip jar at the bottom of the page to support getting better equipment. All donations go to making this a better program.



Blogger natev said...

YAAAAAY!!! ive been eagerly waiting for this. thank you soo much! i know you guys have been very busy but a million thanks!

1:41 AM

Anonymous manfred said...


2:31 AM

Blogger Marcus said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! I've missed these spline casts... they're so inspiring, it's ridiculous. I hope that you have an animation roundtable again sometime soon. THANKS!!!!!

3:20 AM

Blogger Larry Phillips said...


5:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEAH!! keep em' coming, thanks guys!

8:42 AM

Blogger Dave said...

Thanks for the preview! Can't wait for the rest!

3:20 PM

Blogger Robert said...

No matter how long the wait, SplineCasts are always more than worth it in the end. Big thanks once again to the Doctors and everyone involved in making these shows!!

3:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Pete Docters! Hopefully he can talk some about UP!

10:28 PM

Blogger Sant Arellano said...

Spline Doctors, thanks!! Its great having more Splinecasts!!!

I'm very interested in working as a Story Artist, so having Mark Andrews and other story artists do a Splinecast with you guys is a very good thing!

Thanks a lot!


1:22 PM

Blogger Jean-Denis Haas said...

Check this out, there is a podcast pack available:

Not exactly cheap, but looks cool! :-)

10:13 AM

Blogger Jean-Denis Haas said...

Sorry for that long link, maybe that will work:

10:16 AM

Blogger Kam Steele said...

Actually for Podcasting packs, if it were me, I'd look for the cheapest solutions possible. One of those is that if you're looking for software, I generally go open-source or freeware. As for the hardware, again I like going for cheaper equipment or looking for anything used. I think one of my best friends was selling his mic set a while back. I'm not sure if he was sucessful with it, but I do know that since he got new equipment, he wants to get rid of his old stuff online (And it's good quality stuff.... carefully used.) I could ask him when I see him next time. As I recall, he had a LOT of sound stuff with him he was selling off.

But if that doesn't pan out, the next thing I'd do is hit up the Future Shop stores (I think that would be "Best Buy" for you guys in America. Up here in Canada, it's "Future Shop.") and seeing what I can get. They may be low end mics and equipment, but I've actually been able to get excellent quality recordings out of them and get them to last. Also, discounts and deals are a plus when these stores have them. The best time to head to them is just before or after a major holiday.

As far as the SplineCasts go, I always look forward to hearing them and hearing things from other points of view.

12:01 PM

Blogger Kam Steele said...

Ah, damn! I forgot you were teachers, right? You might be able pulling off a teacher's discount at Staples (Or whatever they're called in America. They're those guys... with the "easy button." ) What Staples has is this teacher's discount that you can gain points for what you buy there and gain discounts on stuff too. Then every once a month, you get an ubber discount with all those point you racked up. But I mean since you guys are also teachers, I seriously suggest looking in to places that offer discounts for teachers. You might be able to pull something off that way.

12:57 PM

Blogger carson Catlin said...


7:17 PM

Blogger k. borcz said...

Yea! I love Splinecasts!

12:08 PM

Blogger Larry Phillips said...

This is me:
Click. Is it here yet? Damn! Click. Is it here yet? Damn! Click. Is it here yet? Damn!...

3:54 PM

Blogger k. borcz said...

I'm totally doing the same thing Larry!

11:39 AM

Blogger k. borcz said...

Blast it all, i'm leavin for europe tommorrow and won't be able to update my shuffle. I was hopin' to see some new splinecasts. Guess I just re-listen to the previous ones again. I guess I'll have something to watch for!!

12:27 PM


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