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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Updates and other news...

Sorry its been a while since our last post. Ratatouille is finishing up. Animation has wrapped and we are all taking a breather. Adam and I are planning to do some more Animation Roundtables as well as some new Spline Casts... Stay tuned.

As for other stuff going on, I will be teaching an animation workshop at a school in Italy on June 15th. The class will focus on all kinds of Animation Techniques including acting, design, facial animation, blocking and planning and so on. I am also going to be Guest Artist at CSU summer Arts program for the 5th time. The class is Character Development for Animation. CSU Summer Arts is a great program. Check it out. I will be attending Annecy Animation festival. I am set to give a short talk on the subject of animation on Ratatouille. It will be for the Renderman group.

Keep your eyes open for some new posts and upcoming podcasts.



Blogger Rafi said...

cheers for the update - was wondering when the silence would be broken! :0 looking forward to the roundtables and spline casts.

1:46 AM

Blogger Lucas said...

can't wait! all the ratatouille animation I've seen so far has absolutely blown me away.

1:50 AM

Blogger J said...

Hey Andrew. Good finally meeting you.
Congrats on wrapping Rat animation.
Enjoy a much deserved rest.

9:28 AM

Blogger Victor Navone said...

That's a lot of traveling, Andrew. Don't you have a kid?

3:02 PM

Blogger Olivier Ladeuix said...

I am hoping the meet the entire Andrew family at Annecy then ;-)

6:33 PM

Blogger k. borcz said...

I can't wait for ratatouille! Almost as much as I can't wait for another splinecast!

9:22 AM

Blogger m horning said...

I'm in Northern Italy and would love to be a part of your animation workshop---could you tell me a bit more about it?

3:25 AM


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