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Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Doctors... and News..

- We have added two Docs to the site. Adam Burke and Ross Stevenson. Both are animation Vets. Adam has been in the industry for 15 or more years and has worked at Bluth, Warners with Brad Bird on Iron Giant and other projects and even started his own Studio in the Boston area. He has been at Pixar since the Incredibles. Ross is teaching the first level class at the Academy and has been animating at Pixar since A Bugs Life. Look for a more detailed profile and hopefully some interesting posts in the coming year. Feel free to ask these guys any questions in the comments section.

- We are in the process of updating the Web Site so that we can archive all the past articles and Splinecasts. As you already know, we are in Crunch on our current film, so its difficult to get much of anything done. Its all done with help of volunteers. If you would like to be a volunteer, let me know and I'll gladly take any help with the web site and other stuff.

- I am trying to do another Spline Cast. Hopefully it will be with one of the animators. I also am in the process of doing a written interview with Doug Sweetland. I am at his mercy, so be patient. It should be a good interview!

- Sorry if I have not answered emails. My account was filled with 5000 spam emails, so I couldnt get in. my new email is

- Thanks again for all the support and continued interest.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to that Doug Sweetland interview. Archiving the podcasts, interviews and articles is also a great idea, glad to see the website is growing, so good luck with it guys.

2:59 AM

Blogger Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Good to hear!

Btw, if you want less spam, I'd suggest never writing your e-mail address in full on the net. Especially on a site like blogger. Bots can easily pick those up. I always write something like name_AT_gmail_DOT_com.

4:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

An interview with Doug Sweetland !! that would be awesome, too bad it's not gonna be a splinecast to hear him playing harmonica like crazy :))

6:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's great news that you're expanding the good ole Spline Doctors team, congrats! I personally love hearing 'behind the scenes' tidbits on the making of animated features. Any little gems from the making of 'Iron Giant'? Also, I'd love to volunteer and help with the site, let me know what you need and how I can get involved.

7:53 AM

Blogger chris chua said...

Adam is cool...I did inbetweens for him one time....He gave me some beer too...Yo, Adam! Hope to see you soon, man!

12:32 PM

Blogger Dave Dick said...

Yeah, that sounds great - looking forward to future posts :D

1:30 PM

Blogger tbrunojr said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:32 PM

Blogger tbrunojr said...

Does this mean that the posting-slacker zen-eccentric types (Dr.Angus) are getting the ol' heave ho? J/K Hope not. Who DOESN'T need another Dr. in the house?!?

1:35 PM

Blogger Tony Papesh said...

Hey Andrew -

I have an animation teacher who has told me that all of his friends at pixar have all been in the "crunch" phase for the past month or two.

Could you tell me, why is crunch time so early for Pixar?

The same teacher mentioned above is an animator at ILM and he tells me crunch time [for animators] is a bit later in production - anywhere from 2-3 months to 3-4 weeks before the film's deadline.

Of coarse, I can understand that all films and film studios work differently, but in Pixar's case, is there anything left other than the rendering/final touches? Why is the crunch so early?


3:43 PM

Blogger Dr. Gordon said...

Why are we in crunch?

Well, this is just a hard film and the story is king so as things change it pushes back other departments. Its like this on every film. Also, when I say we are in crunch, it just means there is no down time. I prefer it when its busy.Production is where its at. Prepro is good too, but if it goes on too long it becomes pre-pro hell.


1:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pls put the doug sweetland interview asap....

8:47 PM

Blogger Olivier Ladeuix said...

great stuff. I keep hearing how great Doug Sweetland is but was never able to read anything about him so that would be great to get something from him.


2:18 PM

Blogger Dr.Burke said...

Thanks Chris for the welcome. It's true that I have more experience handing out beer than I do animation advice, but I'll offer what I can and hope it's helpful. I hope to post soon. Thanks to Andrew for the invitiation to join the docs.

1:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome new doctors! It's great to have you here.

I remember I first saw Adam Burke's name in the credits of the Iron Giant, I was so in awe of the film that I actualy memorized all the sups and animators names, just in case I met them by luck, to ask all my questions about the animation!

and then in the commentary of the incredibles, somebody mentioned that Adam did one of the first shots of the opening prolouge and it was his first experience in 3D and I thought, DAMMNN, this guy is a super animator, amazing acting both in hand-drawn and 3D, and so, I'm really excited to have the opportunity here to learn from him, so ...thanks a lot guys!

1:03 AM

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