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Monday, October 31, 2005

Who Are Your Influences?

We decided to compile lists of our top 10 most personally influential animated films. These are not necessarily the best animated films, nor are they necessarily our favorites. They are films that inspired us to become animators and influenced our work.

Dr. Angus' Top Ten Most Influential Animated Films

10. Bambi- Many people have been scarred by Bambi's mothers death. I'm no different. Bambi is a film that is equal comedy and tragedy. Recently, I watched it again and found it to be refreshingly simple and honest. It's a good antidote to noisy modern film making. I wish people would make movies like this again.

9. The Adventures Of Mark Twain- Good luck finding this one. I grew up in Portland and followed everything that Will Vinton Studios produced. I worshiped The California Raisins so when a feature was released, I was first in line. The film has it's problems, but it's worth seeing for Barry Bruce's character designs alone. The humans in the film are caricatured brilliantly. I wish more films were able to create a world this consistent. Claymation has a warmth that CG cannot match.

8. Watership Down- For some reason 1970's animated films were largely dark and depressing. The rabbit carcasses in this film still haunt me. Bloody Bunnies are not the best thing for a child. I'm sure if I saw it again it wouldn't seem so gruesome, but I'd prefer to keep the memory of my enjoying this film. Just like Goonies.

7. Toy Story- What can you say? Still holds up. What I hope isn't lost with the passage of time is how revolutionary this film was story-wise. Yeah, it was the first all CGI film, but it was the story that set it apart. At the time, the powers that be were convinced that the only animated films that people wanted to see were broadway-style musicals with animal sidekicks. Of course they were wrong.

6. Aladdin- The Arsenio jokes were old when it came out, but the Eric Goldberg Genie stuff is amazing. I think Robin Williams gets a lot of credit for Mr. Goldberg's work, but whadaya gonna do? If you want to be famous- get out of the cartoon business. *

5. Iron Giant- Like everybody else reading this I saw it opening day and think it's the best thing ever and the most overlooked gem of our time and you can't believe how bad the marketing was and so on. Doesn't mean it isn't true. Everything is great about this film. At the time I heard some complain that the animation was sub-par because it wasn't constantly moving. Well those people are wrong. Animated films would be a lot better off if they weren't always moving. See it again.

4. Alice in Wonderland- Walt was reportedly disappointed with this film and seeing it recently, I can understand why. The limitations of the budget and running time don't allow for a faithful adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic tome. That said, the design is incredible and the animation is stunning. Some of my favorite scenes are the Doorknob bit and the Tea party.

3. Sleeping Beauty- As a kid, this was the best Disney film- largely because of the ending. You had 3 fairies equip the hero with a sword and shield and a cool villain that turned into a Dragon. What more could you ask for? Seeing it again, it kinda drags. The hero is dull and Briar Rose- while beautiful, is not that interesting either. The 3 Fairies are both the focus of the film in both story and animation. It's as if they built the film around these characters so that the animators could explore a variety of acting ideas that they were interested in exploring. That in itself is pretty cool. The design is well stylized, and Eyvind Earle's square trees are neat.

2. Wind in the Willows/The Legend of Sleepy Hollow- A toad that drives a car and A lanky dude that rides a horse. Pure gold. Creepy and engaging. The Bing Crosby numbers are a good match for Sleepy Hollow. They give the film a timeless innocence that contrasts nicely with its chilling ending. The Ichabod animation is ridiculously cool.

1.Who Framed Roger Rabbit- This film is kinda all over the map, but it hit me at the right time. I was 13 when it came out, and after I saw this film I knew what I wanted to do with my life. The film makers went to so much trouble to do things with props and sets that the computer can do easily (but not as well somehow). I think that counts for something. Plus you'll never see Donald Duck in the same frame as Daffy Duck ever again (unless Wal-Mart buys both AOL Time Warner and Disney).

Honorable mention:

G.I. Joe: The M.A.S.S Device- Can the Joes defeat Cobra to recover the missing elements?
The Hobbit- Good story weak execution. But Smaug's Eye beams were cool.
Fantastic Planet- French, Freaky, and Amazing.
The Sword In The Stone-Not the best story, but the best animation.

Dr. Stephen G's Top Ten Most Influential Animated Films

10. Sleeping Beauty
- So rich too look at with great color and design, and the mastery of Marc Davis' Maleficent.

9. 101 Dalmatians
- Again Bill Peet!!!! with animators at the top of their game.

8. Jungle Book
- Not as refined as Lady and the Tramp or Peter Pan production value wise, but the nine old men where at the top of there game animation wise. Plus the xerography process of putting the drawings to cel left more of the animators hand in the final images on screen. That process alone to me was like a magician just barely showing you his magic trick.

7. Iron Giant
- Simply Perfect. Refer to my Dumbo comment. Replace Baby Mine with the sequence where the giant finds out why he was built and replace Bill Peet with Brad Bird.

6. Toy Story
- During the dredge of musicals Toy Story was as innovative as they come not only to the computer graphics industry, But more so to animated story telling.

5. Knick Knack
- Short Film by John Lasseter When I saw this film back in 1991 or '92 I knew I was gonna work at Pixar someday. The ideal short film perfect in every way.

4. Peter Pan
- The color design, layout and animation is some of the best ever done. From Ward Kimball crazy Indian chief, to Frank Thomas powerful acting with Captain Hook, and Ollie's humor with Smee It's hard to say that Peter Pan isn't one of the best animated films ever.

3. Pinocchio
- When I was younger I would just watch this over and over and over, it got me into animation, got me into drawing and still inspires me today. The Watercolor backgrounds, the crazy multi-plane camera move at the beginning, ripple glass for the underwater scenes...they were breaking new ground. Plus I'll never forget the power of Bill Tytla's Stromboli and Frank Thomas' animation of Pinocchio during the got no Strings song.

2. Lady and the Tramp
- Absolutely beautiful to watch from the production design to the animation, super inspiring to me.

1. Dumbo
- Simple and Heart Felt. The Baby Mine Sequence shows you how powerful animation can be. Plus it's all Bill Peet!

Dr. Gordon's Top Ten Most Influential Animated Films

I wasn't a huge Disney fan. More a fan of Warner Brothers Cartoons.
This is in no specific order.

1) Warner Brothers cartoons in general. Some of my favorite are feed the kitty, duck amuck and most anything Chuck Jones directed during the Golden age. These cartoons were amazingly timed and the drawings were funny. I think they influenced my sense of timing.

2) I remember being really blown away by Toy Story. I had seen the shorts and commercial done by Pixar and knew they were the best, but this film just blew me out of the water. I knew that Pixar was doing some of the best stories out there.

3) Fantasia - I really love the idea of music telling stories and doing it without dialogue. The night on Bald mountain sequence is amazingly done. Great mood.

4) The Secret of Nihm - As a kid I really loved this film. It was a bit over animated but the story was one that I read as a kid. I remember the performances of the OWL and Nikodemis. I know its not everyones favorite, but I did enjoy it.

5) My Neighbor Totoro... I love this film because of the time that Miyazaki takes with the moments in the film. It also takes me a world that is so wonderful.

6) Wallace and Gromit - My favorites are: The Wrong Trousers and Were Rabbit. Aardman's attention to detail is amazing and all the characters are fun to watch. It just goes to show again that the characters performances are just as important as the "poses" Gromit has more heart than most characters in Live Action Films.

7) Aladdin - I always had fun watching this film and thought the Genie was very well done. Some of the songs went well with the animation.

8) Akira - As far as Japanese Anime goes, this one is awesome. Its a classic. Great effects work too.

9) Monk and the Fish and Father and Daughter. Michael Dudok De Wits films just have a great feel to them. They make me want to do short films and explore characters. I love the simplicity of the characters and how fun they are to watch.

10) Jungle Book- It wouldn't be fair to not include work of the 9 old men. I appreciate what Disney's did now more than I did before I got into animation because I can see how amazing the performances of the characters are. I love Milt Kahl's work on Shere Kahn. Also, all the work done with Baloo and the snake character is amazing. Great choices. It wasn't so much the story that blew me away, but more the animation.


Blogger KarazyKayhill said...

I'm impressed by your selections (and also glad to see that Wallace and Gromit made it in there....woohoo). Honestly, I think the Iron Giant marketing affected me as well because (and I hate to admit this), I've never seen it. I've heard so many good things that I think I'm convinced that I should check it out, thanks for the tip!

6:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are some great lists of inspiration. I find myself equally inspired by many of those same films and comics. Being animators and all I can see how you're so inspired by past animation masterpieces. But what about the animators that created the films that inspire today's animators? Take "Sleeping Beauty" for example. Here we have some people working on an animated film inspired by art from History. Illuminated Manuscripts and Gothic Mediveal archetecture played their parts in the look and feel of that film. The animators didn't have the same long list of comics and animated films to look back on for help, they had to study art history and invent the animation as they went along. Perhaps that is why they were so successful. I'm not an animator myself, so I cannot speak for them, but I am a designer and studio artist and it's always a little dissappointing not to see modern masters like Paul Klee, Marc Chagall, or even Pablo Picasso on the inspiration list for contemporary artists. It's a personal feeling perhaps, but I feel there needs to be an awakening of Art History amongst today's artists.

All that aside those were some fun and enlightening lists to read and I appreciate that you all posted them for us to read,remember and take with us.

9:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One final note before anyone flames me. I do realize these are lists of top 10 most inspiring animated films and not artwork all around. Things like that just get me talking about art history, and this being a blog I couldn't help myself. I would love to see some lists of favorite artists as well. Thanks.

9:56 AM

Blogger alan hawkins said...

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3:13 PM

Blogger Drew said...

i just gotta respond here. i can't speak for all animators and don't intend to. but i think there is a difference between the production designers (who i think mraf is referring to) who rely on art history and other influences to design the sets, and the animators who are more responsible for the performance and the story-telling. when i look at the list, i see films that took you to a different place with characters that are memorable. that is what influences me as an animator.

now for a little balance. i know there are a lot of animators who are influenced by fine art. (victor navone and klimt as well as glen keane and fragonard both come to mind...) so there are examples out there of what mraf is referring to, but i don't know how much art history influences what we look at as performers. just my thoughts.

4:12 PM

Blogger PixarVixen said...

I have to say that Lilo & Stitch is one of the most influential movies for me. I dunno. Maybe it's because I've always wanted to have a character of my own that is like Stitch. He's such a cool little creature that is so easily recognizable and adored by kids. It's always been my dream to create something like that. And how awesome is it that the creator of Stitch is also the one who provides his voice? Sweetness.

As far as story goes, I agree that Toy Story is wonderful, but the movie with the best plot and character development in my opinion is The Incredibles. I'm actually jealous of it. Brad Bird is my god.


8:44 PM

Blogger Elliot said...

Jungle Book was the first film I ever saw at the cinema.
Reports have it that I sat stoney faced and passive for the whole thing but insisted I loved afterwards.
I was particularly taken by Disney's Robin Hood (although watching it now, it's an odd thing).
I loved Peter Ustinov from Dr Snuggles and recognised his voice.

10:07 PM

Blogger D said...

Well Said!! I can pretty much say the same thing for myself! All these films have an influence on my overall personal style of drawing!

10:09 PM

Blogger Tricia said...

Ok, so I'm not an animator...
And this isn't a movie...
...but I loved it as a child. It's the animation of the Log drivers waltz. It's pretty basic by today's standards, but it was so fluid and interesting when I was younger that it just always stuck with me. It's Canadian, so look it up.

11:32 AM

Blogger otherthings said...

Dr. Angus: for what it's worth, I saw Watership Down again this year, and it totally holds up! It's every bit as good now as it was when we were kids. (And boy was it a big influence on me as a kid-- after reading the book and seeing the movie, all my outer-space sci-fi dreams suddenly had to involve rescuing rabbits from traps!) I recommend seeing it again just to refresh your memory of the amazing voice performances and trippy dream sequences, plus the gorgeous design of the whole mythological bit at the beginning... what a great film!

1:31 PM

Blogger Mullins said...

My biggest influence is Johnny Boy. That guy knows entertainment!


2:50 PM

Blogger Morgana said...

Being an animation major, I have a top ten list myself. Here it is:
1.) Toy Story: This film blew me away when I
first saw it. When I was little kid, I also believed
that my toys came to life. It was cool to see
that idea come to life.

2.) Lilo & Stitch: I was amazed by the story and
animation at a time when traditional was going
out of style and 3-D was taking over. I also
could relate to Lilo because I was weird, loner
girl that sometimes was misunderstood.

3.) The Iron Giant: Brad Bird is a genius! It was
a very heart warming film and had a lot of those
golden moments.

4.) The Incredibles: You always wondered what
superheros do in surberbia. Bird hits the nail
on the head again. I also loved the play of
names on villians such as the Underminer and
Bomb Voyage. Storytelling is a plus.

5.) Spirited Away: I love everything by Hayao
Miyazaki, but this one takes the cake. I like
how he used the fact that children in modern
day Japan have forgotten the stories of the
old days and of Japanese spirits and put them
into this film. I like also how he had to show
Chihiro (the main character) grow up in a fast
way in order for her to save her parents.

6.) Sleeping Beauty: Everyone I have talked to
don't like this film because of one thing: the use
of Rotoscoping. Okay, whatever. I love the
brilliant use of color in the film and I think Marc
Davis did a wonderful job of bringing Malificent
to life. Even to this day, she is still my most
Favorite villian of all time.

7.) Finding Nemo: Its amazing how you guys
made the ocean come alive. I give you kudos
on all the research you made to have that
enviorment come alive. The characters were
just as fun and influential. Even when I'm at the
beach now, the seagulls are not making natural
sounds. Now they're saying, "Mine, Mine?"

8.) Beauty and the Beast: LONG LIVE GLEN
KEANE! What attacted me to this film was not
only the story, but Glens animation and acting
for the Beast. He made us feel sorry for the
Beast even though in the beginning he was a
total jerk. First animated film to make me cry
during the end sequence (second is Lion King
with the death of Mufasa).

9.) The Emperor's New Groove: When I first saw
the trailer for this film, one word came into my
mind: crap. But I ended up seeing it in the
theater during Thanksgiving vacation and
ended up on the floor laughing. The comedy
between Patcha and Kusko was hilarious and a
riot (with help of David Spade and John
Goodman). I loved Earta Kitt as Yezma and
brought back memories of Catwoman in Batman

10.) Monsters Inc.: When seeing this movie, I
was just amazed on how every single hair on
Sully's body moved in the same direction. Good
use of secondary action on that. Must've been
murder to animate. I also like the relationship
between Boo and Sully. And there's the little
scenes that make you laugh. First in the scaring
sequence where a monster gets scared of a
punk kid. That was neat because of it showing
how kids aren't afraid of monsters. Funny story
for the next scene. When I was in the movie
theater seeing it in my family, we all roared at
scene with the Abomnible snowman. John
Ratzenberger delievers the line, "Snowcone?
Naw, its lemon!" we nearly died laughing. But
no one else in theater got the joke. We were
the only ones laughing. Granted having lived in
Southern Califonia all my life, I've been in snow
once and knew of this joke from other people.
Its was so sad.

Those are my top ten movies that influenced me. There's also honorable mentions such as Cowboy Beebop the Movie, Akira, Bugs Life. But these tens films is what influence me to move foward in the animation industry.
Renee Marchetta

10:58 AM

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