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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Got nothing new, just something to share.

I was talking to a friend of mine last night and he mentioned this new blog that he and some fellow story artists put up. Looks like it could be fun, and being able to see anything from these amazing story artists is a real treat.

Story Boredom


Blogger OV! said...



9:49 AM

Blogger John S. said...

So I'm sitting at my desk,goofing around and scrolling through my favorite blogs when I click on Spline Doctors.
Imagine my suprise when I saw my own scribbly little drawing staring back at me!
Thanks for the shout out guys!

4:31 PM

Blogger Stephen Gregory said...

No Problem. Always happy to pass along the gold.

9:00 PM

Blogger Jeff said...

Hey Dr. Stephen. Thanks for spreadin' the "love". I have to reciprocate though and say that I have you blog bookmarked my computer. KUTGW!!

Oh and Dr., it hurts when I go like this...

11:20 AM

Blogger Maddie said...

Paging Dr. Steve, paging Dr. Steve heart! Thanks for the mention and the link. Much appreciated amigo!

10:03 AM

Blogger Stefan Carl said...

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9:55 PM


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