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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Great Cast of Characters

As you know, Splinedoctors are Pixar Animators by day and Teachers by night in SF at the Academy of Art. We have been teaching there for quite a while now. Our students have been doing great and getting jobs at all of the top studios. We are almost done with the semester, so I wanted to showcase some of the students work. This particular assignment is a one person dialog test. The students take the model and work with a line from a movie or tv show. We focus on character, acting, facial animation, polish and so forth. Thank you to Morgan and Leif for creating the new model for this semester.

Life animation by Ian Wilson
Billy animation by Adrian Sairin
The Second Road animation by Ken Kaiser
Christmas Is Coming animation by Johnathan Mangagil
This Isn't Spain animation by Albert Hass
A Great Talent animation by SungJin Ahn
Gorgeous animation by Jae Hyung Kim
I Was Fun animation by Guilherme Jacinto
The Truth Is animation by Thomas Zach
Purgatory Lounge animation by Miko Coedel
History animation by Timothy Reardon
Who Loves Youanimation by Yoon Hee Kim
Don't Touch Those!animation by Denis Tong

More to come...Stay tuned.




Blogger Amelia Lorenz said...

Wow...The question is: do I give up now or later?


8:31 PM

Blogger Jeremy said...

Awesome animation! Thanks for the hard work, and inspiration!

12:44 AM

Blogger blabla said...

wohoo the gun animation rocks!

6:25 AM

Blogger Bartek said...

Fantastic! You guys really whip these Academy students into shape, you can really tell that you're passing on your talents :).


9:44 AM

Blogger Dork 4 said...

That's some sweet work right there. The "billy doesn't feel like talking" and the Swedish aristocrat pieces especially. Well, all of them, actually. The facial animation on those two, though, is truly great.

10:10 AM

Blogger Mario Sergio Machado said...

Lazy boy, put that links eh!

Very nice..

1:50 PM

Blogger professeurcheveux said...

the purgatory one is awsome!!!

4:51 PM

Blogger Peter Starostin said...

oh WOW. That's so cool to see the model in action. The animations are fantastic, so inspirational. :)

6:03 PM

Blogger Peter Starostin said...

Christmas Is Coming animation by Johnathan Mangagil link is broken. :(

10:36 AM

Blogger Peter Starostin said...

uh, it should have been this

10:45 AM

Blogger Milan said...

Cool stuff. I miss San Francisco.

5:12 PM

Blogger Jean-Denis Haas said...


"I was fun" and "Purgatory Lounge" are especially sweet!

10:10 PM

Blogger Morgan Loomis said...

Holy crap, nice work guys!
Great to see so many iterations of Norman, I'm amazed at how creative and versatile you've all been with him (or her, apparently).
And the animation is superb. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see more.

10:14 PM

Blogger Todd Vodka said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:08 AM

Blogger Todd Vodka said...

Are there classes one could take in Writing for Animation?

8:09 AM

Blogger Michael Walton said...

I met another strange person at the bus stop

9:53 AM

Blogger Dr. Gordon said...

Any chance you could throw out some tips for us novie "at home" CG film makers?

Well, The reason we put up this site was to give tips and tricks on Animation, so what you ask is a very broad question. My major suggestion is probably to keep it simple at first. Try making characters that are fun to watch.


10:10 AM

Blogger anthea said...

I love the purgatory one!! fantastic work!!

10:34 AM

Blogger Jason Newkirk said...

some really great anims posted here. Thanks for sharing them.

11:31 AM

Blogger Kimotion said...

Those pieces are awesome and really inspires students like myself to keep going. I really like "Purgatory Cafe:" that arm shooting out really adds so much and I found myself watching that part over and over.

It's awesome you guys are sharing your student work!

12:56 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Man... those are some awesome clips!

10:09 PM

Blogger :) said...

all animations is amazing but the
balls an the the purgatory is the best,

very cool

fantastic work!!

6:30 AM

Blogger David Urresti Chiu said...


very inspirational work.

8:10 PM

Blogger Jeff Pidgeon said...

Great stuff! I've never been able to see tests from the classes before. Cool!

I'm surprised at how many different situations and characters there are. Do the teachers distribute pre-arranged dialogue and characters, or do you and the students come up with them together?

6:58 PM


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