Animators by day Animation teachers by night.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Welcome to The Spline Doctors Blog

As the subtitle explains we are Pixar Animators by day and Academy of Art Teachers by night (well Tuesday night anyways). We wanted to create a forum to discuss animation education and whatever else.

Our crack squad of Spline Doctors-

Scott Clark
Andrew Gordon
Stephen Gregory
Angus MacLane
Billy Merritt
Mike Venturini

Stay tuned for more-

-Dr. A


Blogger Unknown said...

This is an awesome blog! I'll definitely be coming back to this one

1:58 PM

Blogger Craig Mackay said...

So stoked I ran into this blog. I've always been a closet animator. Making Post-It note flip books and checking out the Illusion of Life from the public library and returning it late multiple times instead of just buying the 12 ton book. Love what you do and it looks like you're having fun. New fan here for sure.

1:06 AM

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